Notice Board & Jury Page

Here you will find the online notice board and all the jury tools you need.

View protest time limits on this page.

Use the buttons on the left to download a protest form, an equipment / crew substitution request, view protest hearing schedules and see protest decisions and RRS 42 penalties.

*All forms are to be submitted at the Jury Desk - Regatta Office Level 2 of the regatta venue club house.

If you protest a boat, or are protested, you should check the 'Protest Hearing Schedule' page to find out when and where the hearing will take place.


Please go to the Jury desk located in the Regatta Office on Level 2 of the regatta venue club house

Note: The electronic Notice Board shown here is provided as a convenience to competitors. *The posted documents on the Official Notice Board remain the controlling documents should there be any conflicts. Additional protests may be scheduled after the end of protest time limit

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