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The Optimist Charter boat includes:

The OPTIMIST shall comply with following specifications:

-   Far East Optimist hull with airbags, blocks, mainsheet, and painter, on a launching dolly

-   Spars and Blades

-   Tillers & extensions

-   Boats will have dagger board and toe strap bungees

-   2 x bailers and bungees, 1x paddle and bungee and the tow rope

The Charterer is entirely responsible for providing:
-   Sail
-   Sail Ties
-   Control lines and ropes, boom vang
-   Wind indicator


Collection by appointment 14 February 2023
Charter period commences 14 Februry 2023 until 19 January 2023


The schedule for payments shall be:
i) The Charter boat booking is confirmed upon the receipt of payment of the Charter Fee in FULL.

ii) A 70% balance is refundable only if a cancellation is made by 31 December 2022.

No refund will be issued for cancellations made from 1 February 2023 onwards.


*Includes compulsory 3rd party Liability insurance

Charter :     HKD3250

*Total :        HKD3250


Sailors using charter equipment will be bound by the “Charter Terms and Conditions” available for preview on this page. At the regatta venue, the sailor must sign the “Charter Terms and Conditions” before receiving charter equipment from the charter provider.


*Damage deposit HKD5000 - additional - will be invoiced for full payment - DUE PRIOR TO COLLECTION. Damage to the charter boat or equipment will be recovered from the charterer following inspection on return of the boat and agreement on damage sustained.

*PAYMENT VIA Stripe - Visa | MasterCard | Alipay



Optimist Charter Boat *Incl. Insurance

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