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HKRW Supporting Asian Women’s Sailing 旨在支持亚洲女子航海的发展

In a new initiative, the Dong Shan Tigers in conjunction with HKRW have sponsored a new trophy to be presented at HKRW 2019. Celebrating and supporting Asian women's sailing - a trophy will be awarded for the for the 1st Female in the Laser 4.7 class.

In announcing the trophy, Nancy Huang-Everest, Coach for the Dong Shan Tigers said "As a female sailor I know there are fewer real opportunities for girls on the way up through the classes to higher level sailing. We'd like to see more girls join this wonderful sport and be really encouraged to continue. I know that by creating this small milestone, girls can be encouraged to aim for a meaningful trophy as well as first place overall and be encouraged to stay in the sport.Often in sailing, girls face less choice of competitions, fewer competitors, fewer sailing partners to pair with and this limits the potential of female sport and and the potential of the girls themselves. Any opportunity to celebrate the women who worked hard to be here should be welcomed.”

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