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Sailing Instructions and last minute preparations

The Sailing Instructions are now published online. You will find them at the menu above called "NOR & SIs". Make sure you read them carefully.

We also added the measurement forms that you will use when registering your boat. Take a close look at what the measurers will check and fix you boat today if you got something missing. The forms will be available at the registration so no need to print it. However, we strongly recommend you look up your bow number at the entry list and provide the number at the registration. This will guarantee things to move a lot faster.

Note: There will be no registration on Saturday morning, so make sure you register and measure either on Thursday or Friday.


Practice race will be run on Friday at 1500hrs.


Opening Ceremony will take place at Middle Island at 1700hrs, after the practice race is finished. There will be Lion dance and drinks. Make sure you do not miss it!


The official notice board will located at the race office. Notices will also be posted online at the tab above called "Notice Board". For the latest information, follow the twitter feed @HKRACEWEEK

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