Equipment inspection will be conducted on the 04 and 05 of February 2020.

Please check the EVENT SCHEDULE for timing

*Please make sure all your details  are correct on your SAILING.TODAY profile.
This includes your Sail number, Parental consent and Emergency contact details



  1. The Self Declaration Equipment Registration Form SHALL be downloaded (and printed) from the Event Website prior to arrival at the regatta site - please select your class below.  *YOUR BOAT MUST BE CLASS COMPLIANT

  2. Each sailor will complete the form  - Ensure your boat complies with the Measurement requirements on the form and is 100% compliant to your One Design Class Rules.

  3. Handover your completed Equipment Registration Form to a Measurement Official and have your boat, Mast, Sails and listed equipment ready for inspection.

    • Your boat must be ready for inspection by the Measurement Official at the race venue, RHKYC, Middle Island

    • A Measurement Officials will inspect your boat and verify your form

    • Measurement is not complete until the document has been signed off and stamped by a Measurement Official

  4. Once the above checks have been completed you may proceed to registration on the mid-level of the clubhouse - HKRW Regatta Office

  5. Please see message from Measurer re OPTIMIST and LASERS 

                                                       CLASS MEASUREMENT FORMS

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