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Where racing begins!

Laser Pico, Fusion and Optimist Green Fleet’s are aimed at the less experienced sailors.

Green Fleet is a fundamental stepping stone for sailors, with the emphasis being on learning rather than winning. 

The HKRW Green Fleet mission is to teach sailors how to race. Sailors will be introduced to core skills necessary to eventually graduate to the next level of main fleet racing.

Sailors will practice basic racing skills by using fun activities and challenges to teach them how to race a sailboat. The days will begin with an information session and will include practice / racing and a daily debrief with the Green Fleet coaching team.

Learn, improve and most of all have fun along the way!  

*Parents are encouraged to volunteer to assist  on and off the water.   

No previous experience is required and you will still be able to assist your child to rig.  It's an opportunity to learn with your sailor and watch them race.  

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