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Day Three

The wind that everyone at Hong Kong Race Week had been hoping for did not arrive today; even Wind Guru was predicting gusts of 1kt in the afternoon. If that wasn’t enough, the race areas were shrouded in thick fog making visibility very poor.

There was no idle time however as there were plenty of on shore activities to keep the sailors occupied including a debrief for some classes based on their TracTrac replays of their racing as well as a treasure hunt and a boat and flag quiz.

PRO Charlie Manzoni took a RIB out shortly before noon in search of some wind, returning half an hour later when everyone assembled on the hard standing to hear the news.

Manzoni said "Thank you very much indeed for all waiting around for so long. I am afraid we have not been able to whistle up much wind. We have just been out there and there is something between 2.5 and 3kts across the whole sea area. There is also some pretty poor visibility. So confidently we have made a decision that there is no more racing today."

Manzoni says “the forecast looks quite promising” so, fingers and toes crossed for more wind tomorrow.

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