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Hong Kong Race Week - ready to launch!

Hong Kong Race Week is looking forward to welcoming 222 competitors, plus coaches and volunteers, to Middle Island from 16 to 21 February!

The provisional entry list is displayed here, so if you think you have entered, but do not see your name, please contact us so that we can investigate.

Burgees and Battle Flags - if you have these for your club, country or team, please bring them with you so that we can display them during the regatta and also get a team photo!

Declarations - please ensure that you submit your declaration form ASAP and that you complete your entry information, particularly your next of kin and emergency contacts - this will help make Registration a smoother experience for everyone!

Pre-Book Registration on 13 & 14 February - If you are already in Hong Kong and can provide your boat / sails for measurement at Middle Island this weekend, please click on the link to go to the measurement registration form and get off to an early start!

Water Bottles

Don't forget that you will need to carry water bottles to refill from the dispensers at Middle Island.

Hong Kong Race Week is aiming to achieve Clean Regatta Bronze Level certification, administered by Sailors for the Sea so single use plastic bottles will not be on sale (i.e. you won't be able to buy bottled water at Middle Island). Club-branded re-usable water bottles will be available for purchase if you forget!

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