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GOLD - Sailors for the Sea status awarded to HKRW 2018

Congratulations to all sailors, coaches and volunteers - HKRW 2018 has just been awarded the highest of accolades in achieving GOLD status for running a Sailors for the Sea - Clean Regatta.

With 8 million metric tonnes of plastic waste entering the ocean from the land each year, the equivalent to about 1.5 million cars, HKRW has significantly contributed to reducing its environmental impact on the ocean. As part of the global community - from Opti sailors to America’s Cup competitors - over 400,000 sailors have participated in the Clean Regatta - Sailors for the Sea program. HKRW sailors, coaches and volunteers, have all significantly helped in contributing to the powerful wave of change in order to help conserve and protect the ocean.

Each of us has the power to help restore ocean health, and HKRW thanks you all for being part of the Sailors for the Sea team.

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