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Hong Kong Race Week - Racing Day 2

The second full day of racing at Hong Kong Race Week 2019 was even more promising than the first. The wind was set at 16kts and, as a result, the Optimist fleet Race Officer Inge Strompf-Jepsen decided to stay in the more enclosed area around Repulse Bay – the reward being steady wind throughout the racing.

In the Optimist Fleet, Norway’s Julia Jacobsen took three bullets out of three races; putting her on top of the ladder and taking the lead from India’s Uma Chouhan who is now in third position. Julia said, “Racing was really good; I got three firsts. At the start of the day it was a bit windy and when we rounded the second mark it blew up a bit but not over 12kts. This is my first Hong Kong Race Week!”

Also on the Repulse Bay track, the 2.4mRs and RS Fevas fleets got four races in. Macau’s FeiChi Cai and YuJun Chen are leading the fleet with an impressive five out of seven first place finishes. In the 2.4mR which is made up of parasailors, Hong Kong’s Chi Yeung Puk is also leading with five out of seven firsts.

Today, the Green Fleet joined Hong Kong Race Week for their first day of racing. The fleet is made up of 49 sailors from Cambodia, China and Hong Kong and the aim of the fleet is to actively encourage sailors on the racecourse with advice and tips on how to improve their performance so they can move into the main fleets in the coming year.

Principal Race Officer Barry Truhol said, “the big surprise of the day was that the Green Fleet went out really early and they were located directly in the funnel of Repulse Bay which meant was that they had a great sailing breeze for their first sailing experience and all of them came back a little bit excited and quite tired - I think they had a great day.”

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Commodore John Woo added, “It’s the biggest Green Fleet yet; it was great to see the kids out today developing their skills. I look forward to volunteering with the Green Fleet for the rest of the weekend.”

Out on the track off Po Toi Islands, the performance fleets enjoyed great breeze - 16 to 18kts, a good swell and a fixed East North East breeze. They got all their races in – three each for the Laser 4.7s, Laser Radials and 420s and four for the 29ers.

There’s a mix of nationalities leading the Laser 4.7 fleet with India’s Rammilan Yadav continuing his lead from Day 1 with two more bullets. He is followed by Hong Kong’s Patrick Ziteng Feng, Sweden’s Axel Wieland in third and Chinese Taipei’s Yu Lin Yang in forth.

The breeze is forecast to weaken tomorrow and pick back up for the final day of Hong Kong Race Week on Sunday.

香港帆船賽周2019次日賽事,海面吹起16海浬風速,樂天小帆船裁判長Inge Strompf-Jepsen把賽道定於靠近淺水灣位置,風速亦較為平穩。

來自挪威的選手Julia Jacobsen在樂天小帆船三場賽事中全取三分,取代昨日排首名來自印度的Uma Chouhan,暫時領先;Uma Chouhan在隊中暫時排行第三。Julia表示她很高興在三場比賽中均排首位,是次亦是她首度參加香港帆船賽周。」

淺水灣海域附近同時進行2.4mRs 及 RS Fevas 帆船賽。來自澳門的FeiChi Cai及YuJun Chen奪取五勝,在隊中暫時領先。2.4mR帆船賽由香港傷健人士畢熾揚暫時領先。


總裁判長Barry Truhol表示雖然樂天小帆船初級組今天淺水灣峽谷位進行比賽。當選手回到岸上時顯得有點疲憊,但所有選手仍能順利完成賽事,令人欣喜。」


在蒲台島的賽道吹起16-18海浬東北風,Laser 4.7s、雷射輻射及 420s型帆船分別進行了三場比賽,而29ers級別選手則進行了四場比賽。

印度選手Rammilan Yadav保持昨日優勢並在今天取得兩分,暫居小組首位;緊接有香港的Patrick Ziteng Feng、瑞典的Axel Wieland排行第三、台北代表Yu Lin Yang排行第四。


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