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We're Racing Against Plastic - World Oceans Day

Hong Kong Race Week celebrates #WorldOceansDay. A day to reflect on the extremely important role the oceans play in all our lives, the dangers facing our oceans and the actions needed to protect them.

71% per cent of our planet is covered by one huge, continuous body of seawater – the ocean. It holds 1.35 billion cubic kilometers of water.

The ocean controls the climate, provides heat in winter and cool air in summer. It also provides us with food, medicines and transport.

Wherever you live on the planet, how ever far from the sea, your life is dependent on the ocean. There is only one global ocean - let's protect it together.

Did you know that 560 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. Over 16,000 plastic bags are used every second. Their average working life is 15 minutes.

SKIP THE PLASTIC BAG and join the race against plastic pollution. Join us at Hong Kong Race Week in supporting Sailors for the Sea. Be the change you want to SEA this World Oceans Day


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