Many thanks for volunteering your time to help at the 2018 Hong Kong Race Week, which starts with Measurement on 20 and 21 February. The Volunteers’ Manual for each area will differ, so please make sure you read everything so you know what to expect, where to check in, how to get lunch etc. etc. Please remember to bring your own water bottle to fill from the water stations, as bottled water will not be on sale at all during the Regatta.


We will  list you on days where you are available  - if not please let me know as soon as possible so that we can replace you – if you see a gap on the roster linked below and are able and willing to give up more of your time to fill it, please let me know that too! ailsa.angus@rhkyc.org.hk


A brief summary of the schedule is shown below – for meet times for the various duties, please refer to the event schedule linked below.


We really do appreciate the time that everyone is giving to making sure that the 2018 Hong Kong Race Week is a fantastic event, and look forward to seeing you at Middle Island mid February.

 -Summary of Schedule - COMING